Tier 1 Investor Visa

The Tier 1 Investor category has the shortest investor visa application processing time among the G8 countries and has very transparent criteria for approval.

What is the Tier 1 Investor Visa

The investor category is designed to allow wealthy individuals who make a substantial financial investment in the UK to receive a 3 year residence visa under the Tier 1 category. The applicant must invest a minimum of GBP 2 million in the UK.


The applicant must show that they have money of their own under their control in a regulated financial institution amounting to no less than GBP 2 million.

The source of funds must be disclosed and this is usually by way of bank statements for the last six months confirming the monies are held.

The individual must invest for five years in the UK by way of UK share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies (other than those principally engaged in property investment). Investment in government bonds and offshore companies is no longer permitted. The investment must be made within three months of entering the UK.

The applicant is not required to show business experience or the ability to speak English. Investors are permitted to be gainfully employed under this visa or undertake a course of study in the UK. Dependents are allowed to accompany the main applicant.

The applicant can apply for settlement after 5 years. An investment of GBP 10 million or more will provide for settlement after two years, and an investment of GBP 5 million or more will provide for settlement after three years, instead of the usual five years. Up to six months per year absences are permitted.

London Solicitors our specialist business immgration solicitors can help you gather the necessary documents and create an effective application to obtain a Tier 1 Investor Visa. We can help you understand the entire visa application process and help provide the necessary documentation assistance, we can also refer you to our partners for financial advice on your proposed investment. London Solicitors has an 100% success rate on Tier 1 Investor applications.

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