Sole Representative Of An Overseas Company

London solicitors team of specialist Business Immigration lawyers can assist you if you decide to apply for a UK sole representative of an overseas company visa.

What is a Sole Representative Visa

This visa is essentially for those overseas businesses looking to send a senior manager to the UK to set up a sole representative branch office of that overseas company here in the UK.

It is important to note that the Sole Representative Visa permits companies to send a single employee to the UK to set up a branch or subsidiary.


To qualify for the sole representative visa the applicant must be a sole representative in the UK of an overseas employer who intends to establish and operate a registered branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK.

They must be an existing senior employee for the overseas company for at least 12 months, be full-time with management experience and intend to continue to work full-time for the same overseas employer in the UK.

The applicant must be a person with full authority to take operational decisions while representing the overseas company in the UK. They cannot be more than a 50% or majority shareholder in the overseas company.

The applicant must provide a document which details the terms and conditions of their employment, and they must be able to show that their salary and other benefits are relatively higher than other employees’ salaries, and appropriate for their senior-level position.

Furthermore the foreign must be able to show that opening a branch office in the UK is natural evolution and growth for the company, its existing links to the UK market and a fully detailed viable business plan. The existing overseas company would also need to show that it has enough capital to invest in the UK enterprise, pay the applicant a salary in the UK commensurate with the role and its capital reserves are able to cover at least the first 12 months of UK company operations.

The visa holder is allowed to work full-time in the UK for their employer. Their dependents can apply to join them, and they have the option to apply to extend their visa beyond the initial period granted and apply to settle in the UK after 5 years.

The visa holder must also evidence they can maintain and accommodate themselves, and any dependants, sufficiently without the need to access public funds.

They also have to meet the basic standard in the English language.

This is a complicated route with a heavy documentation requirement, at London Solicitors our specialist business immgration solicitors can help you gather the necessary documents and create an effective application that shows your experience abilities and skills for the assignment and that opening the branch office in the UK constitutes natural organic growth for the overseas company. We can help you understand the entire visa application process and help provide the necessary documentation assistance and draft a detailed bespoke business plan. London Solicitors has an impressive success rate for sole representatives of overseas business visa applications.

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