Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

London Solicitors have successfully managed a high number of successful overseas domestic worker applications. At London Solicitors our UK Immigration Solicitors understand in detail the requirements in order to obtain an overseas domestic worker visa for the UK and how to best complete the application and compile the supporting documents.

What is an Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

This visa allows you as an overseas domestic worker, to accompany your employer on short stays up to six months in the UK


You can apply for a visa to visit the UK with your employer if you:

-live outside the UK

-are a domestic worker in a private household

-have worked for your employer for at least one year

– you employer has sufficient accommodation for you here in the UK

Domestic workers include:

  • cooks
  • chauffeurs
  • cleaners
  • nannies
  • those providing personal care for the employer and their family

You can use this visa to visit the UK with your employer for up to 6 months. You cannot extend an Overseas Domestic Worker visa.

If you are thinking of applying for an Overseas Domestic worker visa then you are welcome to take our free online assessment. Your documents will be assessed by one of our expert Immigration solicitors. This way, London solicitors can be sure that your case will be successful.

London Solicitors offers competitive prices and our prices range from approximately £500 for a UK overseas domestic worker visa.

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