Regulatory & Compliance (Fintech sector)

Our regulatory & compliance team can advise you or your business on a wide range of UK regulatory issues in FinTech sector. With the rise and success of digital banking, including application-based providers, FinTech industry has grown exponentially. This trend has catered the area of FinTech Law to be acknowledged as a unique area of law in the legal sector. 

Fintech Law involves compliance specific to financial market and services regulations, privacy and personal data protection laws, anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, prohibition of terror financing, corporate governance, and contract engineering. A FinTech law team therefore must have a deep understanding of the applicable regulations affecting the industry and help providers of financial services to be compliant with many different areas of law. 

At London Solicitors, we have a well-known practice in the Fintech sector. Our solicitors are advising our clients on therequirements for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)authorisations as well as authorisation applications for including but not limited to payment institutions (PI), e-money institutions (EMI), and consumer credit institutions. Our practice also covers advising on exclusions and exemptionsadvisory on project or product basis, AML and KYC compliance and all other ongoing regulatory compliance matters for FCA authorised firms.

Our solicitors also have extensive experience in advising crypto projects. We are analysing crypto projects from the regulation perspective in various jurisdictions including but not limited to UK, EU countries and Turkey. We assist our clients who carries out exchange platform business to register to FCA as well as drafting the required documentation, procedure, and policies.

Our experience in the field allows us to understand the Fintech ecosystem not only in the UK but also globally and therefore we are able to provide a pragmatic and commercial approach with a focus to reach the desired outcome of our clients. Our clientele includes international and domestic clients to start, grow or expand their business as FinTech in the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

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