Portugal Entrepreneur Residence Permit

At London Solicitors we have a team of solicitors and paralegals who have experience in Portuguese Immigration Law. If you are looking to work and live in Portugal, then London Solicitors can help.

What is the Portugal Entrepreneur Residence Permit

This is a fantastic option enabling you to acquire residency in Portugal by setting up a Business! Qualification is simple and easy. Very low capital amount. The great news is that this residency permit leads to Portuguese and European Citizenship! Here at London Solicitors, our Immigration solicitors have years of experience in European law practice and can assist you in applying for a residence permit as an Entrepreneur in Portugal.


This option will allow you to secure residency by setting up a company in Portugal.

You might be:

* A businessman looking to open a business, office, cafe or
* A skilled professional looking to set up a low-cost online company, or

* Registering a company and becoming self-employed.

This program is diverse with no high capital or investment requirements and hence is suitable for a wide range of applicants, from those with large capital reserves to those with more modest savings.
Portugal requires a range of skills and services. By setting up a company you would be able to apply for a residency card in Portugal for you and your family.

Some of the other benefits include:

* Capital can be as low as 10,000 AED
* No need to reside in Portugal throughout the year
* Gain permanent residency permit in Portugal after 5 years
* Must make minimum tax contributions each month
All holders of the residence permit as an Entrepreneur are also entitled to free education and healthcare in Portugal and will be allowed to obtain a Portugal Passport and European Passport allowing them to live and work anywhere in Europe after 6 years.
If you are thinking of applying for a Portugal entrepreneur residence permit then you are welcome to take our free online assessment. Your profile will be assessed by one of our expert European Immigration law solicitors.
London Solicitors offers competitive prices and our prices range from approximately £1000 for a Portuguese Entrepreneur Residence Permit.

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