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Civil litigation is the term given to the handling of disputes whether contractual or otherwise and the attribution of liability. When two or more parties disagree over a contractual,  financial or performance-related matter, the resulting court proceedings are known as civil litigation. The remedy sought following a civil litigation action is typically financial compensation or specific performance.

We work on the principle that court proceedings should always be the last resort and we advise all our clients to consider arbitration and mediation- not least because they can save the time and expense of going to court and comply with the CPR and the overriding objective.

Sometimes it is often impossible to resolve disputes through mediation and that’s when court proceedings become necessary to resolve disputes whether by defending or by initiating action to assert one’s rights.

In litigation cases, the matter is settled by trial in front of a judge. To ensure that you stand the best chance of winning a case, businesses and individuals typically appoint a Litigation Solicitor.

Over the years, London solicitors has developed a specialist litigation team headed by a senior associate solicitor. We work with a wide range of organisations including large companies, local business, national firms of estate agents and housing associations. We are able to advise on and handle:

  • Contractual disputes and claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Small claims
  • Fast-track and multi-track proceedings
  • Supply of goods and services claims
  • Injunctions
  • Licensing, design and copyright disputes
  • Sale of goods and product liability
  • Claims involving liquidation and receiverships
  • Provision of legal awareness training
  • Negligence
  • Boundary disputes

Civil Litigation is a complex area of law with court and service deadlines which often involve costs orders for the defaulting party and is a very technical area requiring tailored expertise, support and advice.

We offer a transparent process, with procedures, costs and possible outcomes of any action/defending an action  explained at the outset.

Additional information about our fees and charges for civil litigation matters can be found here: Pricing

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