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A Sponsor Licence application presents many complex rules and requirements – we navigate those complexities with you and will help your organisation secure a Sponsor Licence.

What is a Sponsors Licence

The Skilled Worker route enables UK employers to recruit foreign workers to fill a particular vacancy in the UK. A Sponsor Licence application will firstly be necessary for a UK based company to sponsor a worker under the Skilled Worker scheme. This is permission and registration as a licenced sponsor permitting the company to then issue Certificates of Sponsorship (COS) for eligible occupations and sponsoring a migrant to work in the UK under a Tier 2 worker visa.


Before you apply for a sponsor licence you should have identified who you can sponsor, or the likely roles/occupation you will sponsor. The job must be listed on the skilled worker shortage occupation list or listed on the skilled worker eligible occupations list. You must also pay a minimum salary which varies according to job type and according to the individual you want to sponsor.

See eligible occupation codes here

You must also be familiar with the compliance side of sponsorship and, where necessary, adapt your HR systems. You should also be clear on who within your organisation will be fulfilling key sponsor licence roles, known as Key Personnel. Only then should you apply for a sponsor licence.

To apply for a sponsor licence, you will need to gather various supporting documents, prepare a cover letter explaining why you need to employ a skilled worker and why you are not able to fill the vacancy domestically and complete an online application form. All documents must then be sent to the Home Office.

These generally include four documents from a list (vary depending on trade) which may include:

  • Latest audited annual accounts.
  • Employer’s liability insurance certificate.
  • Certificate of VAT registration.
  • Latest corporate bank account statement.
  • HMRC registration evidence, such as including PAYE number and accounts office reference number.
  • Lease or ownership of Business premises

Generally decisions on sponsor licence applications are made within 6 weeks. If a licence is granted you will still need to apply for a COS each time you wish to hire a foreign worker. The organization will also be given a rating of Tier A rating on initial application.

This is a complicated process in identifying the occupation code and with compliance with the heavy documentation requirement and requires particular attention and expertise. At London Solicitors our specialist immigration solicitors can help you gather the necessary documents and submit a successful sponsors licence application.

Additional information about our fees and charges for Sponsors Licence matter can be found here: Pricing

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