Navigating Directors’ Duties and Resolving Disputes Under Company Law

Introduction: In the complex landscape of UK company law, directors play a pivotal role in steering the course of a business. Understanding directors’ duties is crucial for both legal practitioners and business leaders to ensure compliance and foster a healthy corporate environment. This blog explores the key aspects of directors’ duties and provides insights into […]

Selling Your House Here’s What You Need to Disclose

Selling your house is just not about finding a buyer and signing a contract. A seller must follow certain legal obligations to ensure a fair transaction. These legal obligations include any factors that might help the prospective buyers to make an informed decision. As a seller, you must disclose both positive and negative information about […]

SPA concerns for sellers: warranties & indemnities

One of the ways of disposing your interest in a private company is to transfer your shares to another person. In doing so, buyers and sellers sign a share sale and purchase agreement (SPA) which contains the full details of the transaction and respective rights and obligations of such parties. It is crucial for the […]

FCA Authorisation for Payment and E-Money Institutions

In the UK the financial services industry is regulated by two bodies namely the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (‘PRA’). The FCA acts as watchdog for the conduct of all regulated firms from smallest SMEs to larger institutions, whereas the PRA is responsible for prudential matters ensuring financial stability of the […]

Buying Green Belt Land in London

Green belt is a specially designated area of countryside protected from most forms of development. It is protected to help stop urban sprawl, preserve the character of existing settlements and encourage development within existing built-up areas. According to the National Planning Policy Framework, Green belt legislation serves five purposes: Checking the unrestricted sprawl of large […]

UK Business and Visas by Investment

The United Kingdom is a very popular destination for investment immigration. International investors are attracted by financial opportunities and the relative stability of investment in the UK property market which generally deliver higher returns on investment as compared to our countries. The UK also provides a bridge between Europe and the US is well connected […]

How to Get A Schengen Visa Approval from the Middle East

This is a true story based on my personal experience of recently applying for a schengen visa from Oman, Firstly, I will briefly tell you who I am. I am one of the 3.31 million Indian residents in Oman. I am 22 years of age, have been in Oman for 2 years now and work […]

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