With extensive local knowledge and a thorough approach, our conveyancing solicitors make it easier for you to buy and sell residential property. We make use of modern conveyancing software to ensure that the whole journey is fast and accurate.

With our vast experience and careful approach in all types of transactions from corner shops to large commercial units, we make it easier to buy and sell commercial property. We strive to complete matters quickly and with the minimum fuss.

We represent both landlords and tenants and work without bias. Together we can resolve your disputes over damages or responsibilities. Alternatively, we can help landlords reclaim overdue rent, or protect tenants’ rights.

Locked in conflict with an individual or company, and no one wants to budge? We can help resolve disagreements by bringing legal expertise and a fresh perspective. If peaceful resolution or mediation fails, we can support your case in court as well.

As experts in human rights and EU free movement laws we have extensive experience in a whole range of immigration, asylum and nationality work solutions. We provide a highly personal service, sensitive to both commercial and individual requirements.

Have you had an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence or lack of attention? We can represent you in making a compensation claim, helping you win back lost earnings and pay for treatment and rehabilitation for all kinds of personal injuries.

If your will is out of date or you’ve never made one, let us help you put your wishes in writing. A missing or poorly written will can mean delays and financial losses to your heirs at an already difficult time. With our help, you can be sure that your wishes are carried out.